Sunday, December 07, 2008

Simply Sneetches

Do you remember the Sneetches from Dr. Seuss' "The Sneetches and Other Stories" ? The big-bellied yellow creatures with "stars on thars". Big stars on their bellies which they pay to have removed and then put back on again depending on the current fashion, a tale essentially about discrimination.This was one of the other costumes I got to work on for Seussical. I dyed nine x-large men's white t-shirts in mottled yellows. Another drama mom cut out the stars. I was worried that they were lame', you know the kind that shreds insanely, is terribly slippery and never looks good on the edges. But no, the stars were cut out of plastic-y, stretchy, thick, gold bathing suit material. So no worries about shredding or slipping. I did pin the heck out them though, since they did stretch quite a bit as I sewed, at a different rate than the very stretchy t-shirt. But my sewing machine didn't glide over the stars, it would get caught up about every inch or so. I got a workout with my knee-lift that day, let me tell you! Friend Jaye pointed out that there is a sewing machine foot for this exact problem, mainly for sewing leather, it is a roller foot. Not a standard foot that is included with most machines. But since I'm not anticipating sewing this type of material in the future I think I'll hold off on getting one.

So, here is what the shirt looks like after the star has been sewn on. Kinda cute, but not quite into costume territory. So that means, now onto the elasticisizing..The costume designer had the idea of using the existing hem at the sleeve and bottom as an elastic casing. It worked pretty well, just undid a little of the sewing and then ran the elastic through, sewed it up closed. The elasticsizing made these costumes really look like costumes on stage, instead of just decorated t-shirts. They bloused them up at the bottom so they poufed out like bellies, worn over black pants.
Here they are, all nine of them, stacked up and ready to go!

If you've never seen The Sneetches, which was a tv special, here is part one:

and part two:


Anonymous said...

"But no, the stars were cut out of plastic-y, stretchy, thick, gold bathing suit material." Ya mean ya arent gonna make yourself a new suit for summer?

sus in spokane

Deirdre said...

I hope you post a photo of the kids in costume!

:-D eirdre