Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mini Cornucopia

The last few times I've been dyeing other things, I've thrown in a washcloth or two, just to see what comes out. I have quite a stack now so I wanted to see how they all look together, kinda cool,huh?
I'm not sure what the purpose is for these, but I like how differently the very rough nubby open weave of the cheap cotton washcloth takes up the dye compared to the refined surface of the usual fabrics I'm dyeing.
Of course the ones that I actually used to clean up after myself are the most interesting and multi-colored. I'll have to do the rest in that manner.
I don't think I'll do anything with them all in one project.
A Giant Pieced Washcloth? (aka: a towel) OR ???

The annual opening up of the box of Christmas/Solstice/Hannukkah fabrics has occurred. And once again, I am reminded of these cool Laurel Burch fabrics that I bought a couple years ago, intending to make something for, um, I think it was my mom since she usually enjoys the LB designs. There are several panel pieces and some other mixers with motifs, they're all so happy and bright. Not sure if I have enough time to whip something up for this year. We'll see won't we? I just went looking for a LB fabric link to post, and oh no, I found even more LB holiday fabric...must resist....

While out looking for batting for my niece's quilt, I found this remnant for $2, the colors totally make my heart sing! There's almost a yard, in a nice heavy Guatemalan style woven. Maybe a new purse/bag for spring?? I don't know, but for $2, it is bringing me a whole lot of genuine, happy pleasure whenver my eye catches it in the studio. Oh, I know, a chair cover, for my studio chair, hmmmm, wonder if there is enough, gotta measure.

I did finally manage to find some of the new battings that are on the market at Hart's Fabrics, they had two battings that I'd heard of, a light green colored one that is made out of recycled plastic bottles, called Dream Green (by Quilter's Dream) and they also had this bamboo batting by Fairfield. The bamboo one is 50/50 with organic cotton. I bought the "Art Quilt/Generous Crib" size. I'll admit it, I bought that size because I was so tickled to see a size called: Art Quilt. Easily amused, why yes, yes I am.
I haven't used the new batting yet, but I will on my next Art Quilt (tm!!) and let you know how it stitches up.


Jaye said...

So much cheerfulness in your blog today. YAY! Thank you for taking the cheerful mantle for a few days and it has been too heavy for my shoulders. I agree that the Guatemalen fabric would be great for a bag. I am eager to hear how the bamboo quilts.

Walker Lady said...

I've used the bamboo batting twice now. I had heard that some quilters say it beards a lot. My experience has been that it did not beard with FMQ but when putting binding on, and doing the hand stitching part, it DID beard.
However, it washes up so soft and made the quilts look very old fashioned and wrinkly. I love it! btw, I buy it at JoAnn's when it is 50% off per bag. I have found that it is nicer having bags of pre-packaged batting instead of a lot of yardage off those big rolls of batting. Also, when I did the math, the packaged batting was the same or even sometimes less in cost than the rolls of batting.