Friday, December 26, 2008

Arlee's Shifting Gears

Hip Hip Hooray, Corpse Mistress Arlee received her round two Exquisite Corpse back!
In round one, it went missing in the postal system, so after all her hard work in organizing all of us, she got zilch/bupkus to show for it. This one turned out spectacularly, mainly due to her super cool design, and chosen color scheme which she ever-so-wisely painted swatches of on the edge of the piece. Wow, brilliant eh?

So go see the whole piece here so you can experience the full-on spectacular results.
Here is how the piece looked when it arrived, non-regular sections, mysterious bits covered up already, and two sections available for me to work on. Note the color scheme paint swatches on the upper left. It was all so crinkly and interestingly textured under the mysterious covers.
The section I chose looked like this before I began. Shapes outlined, some painting already there, see the purple and copper?
Some of the beginning work with just black and purple fabrics.
Before any beading was done. I used a coppery metallic cotton, some black rayon, and purple cotton. The blue parts were painted in with Tsuinienko inks.
At the end, here is how my small part of it looks.
Either way you look at it, still interesting.
Gratuitous closeups of beading follow.

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