Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Exquisite Corpse Revealed

Donna's Exquisite Corpse from round two has been revealed, go see the whole thing here. This is the square that I worked on.
A closeup of the beading that I did.

And this is the original version which I did without noting the color scheme that she'd requested. It wasn't written on the piece, but was on an online list which I'd neglected to check before beginning work. Luckily the artist I was sending to, Elizabeth, noticed the wrong colors peeking out from my covered up completed square and sent it back to me.

I got to pick out allllll this machine embroidery stitching. Hopefully the stabilizer I put on the back will keep the revised square together ok for Donna!

1 comment:

Quilt Pixie said...

I'm sooooo sorry you had so much undoing to do! I never thought to include the info re colour with the parcel and should have. (vision me being shamefaced)

I do love the overall effect, and can't wait to spend some time with it in the new year. Thanks so much for you part in it.