Monday, December 08, 2008

Sometimes I Wish I Was Small

Don't you wish you were really, really small sometimes? I was taking a macro shot of recent threads trimmed off of dyed fabrics and marveling at how soft and inviting it looks so close up.
I found myself wishing I could shrink down to the teeny tiny size that would be able to nestle and snuggle into this tangled, soft, colorful nest. I know reading "The Borrowers" series of books always got my imagination going.


Deirdre said...

are you going to make something with these or maybe gift the birds with some new threads LOL!
:-D eirdre

Lunaea said...

I want to be small enough to cuddle up next to Kaga like Willow does and be surrounded by soft fur.

Karoda said...

yea, i was thinking the same as deidre you felt?

the seuss play sounds fun...i think...i think i've decided what books to get my grandson for holiday :)