Friday, October 26, 2007

Pumpkin Seeds and Wild Self

Here is a pumpkin seed celtic cross made from Kaleidoscope Kreator and my pumpkin seed in an orange bowl picture from last year. I thought that there were some really interesting shapes created that looked kinda skull like. Oooh spooky, huh? Are you getting tired of these kaleidoscopes yet? Sorry, I'm not.

We haven't even bought our pumpkins this year yet@!#! What is our problem?? Plus, I hear there is a pumpkin shortage too. Hope they aren't too spendy. I sure wish I'd remembered to plant the pumpkin seeds I bought back in August. Sigh. Maybe next year!

Hey DebR, I built my Wild Self. I gave myself Thompson's Gazelle Horns, California Condor wings, and a tiger tail. I too had trouble giving myself animal legs and arms, too creepy looking. Also, none of the ears looked right, so I left them off. Don't worry, I don't really wear tennis shoes and skirts, I'm not quite that funky of a dresser. Oh, and I don't have any glasses on because I'm giving my contacts another whirl today. If you could have a tail or wings, which would you choose? After watching a documentary on cloud leopards, I decided that would be the tail I'd choose. But wings really would come in handy (fly over traffic,etc).

Try, try again. Punchneedle turns out to be harder than the directions claim. hmph. I think my problem is that my embroidery hoop doesn't adjust, I'll have to locate one with a screw instead of trying to use the one I use for sewing machine work. The needle I got is easy to thread though, a very cool gizmo.

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Deb R said...

Your wild self is cute! I love the gazelle horns. I really dithered between those and the ibex horns I ended up choosing. And I love your purple gym shoes! :-)