Friday, October 19, 2007

Getting Ready for the Holiday

I'm finally getting around to preparing for my favorite holiday, Halloween or Samhain. This is the latest we've ever put up our decorations, but it just hasn't been possible for me lately. But today is the day! We may even attempt a Halloween party next weekend, we'll see. It has been a while since we've done that!

Usually there is a lot of stuff on the windowsills, and hanging up on the walls, from the ceilings and I'll set up the Halloween Houses that we have. I'm not sure what we will do this year, we like to mix it up. My oldest son has really been bugging me this last week to get this going, so it is gonna happen. Not too many Halloween's at home left to celebrate with him after all....

Before today the only seasonal thing I'd done so far was making a new bandana for Zelda the Wonder Dog. Which she has now lost :( somewhere out in the underbrush. Most of our underbrush is poison oak, so I'm thinking I'll just make another one, instead of going out and searching for it. I don't want to have my costume this year be a horrible P.O. rash.

This is a picture of it though, that I snapped with my phone. I thought the scarf turned out pretty cute! I used two Halloween fabrics, and the alphabet stitches to spell out: Boo! I am Zelda, Happy Halloween!
Alex was home sick at the time, so he helped me pick out the fabrics. Note the hot chocolate corners on his mouth. That is how we minister to sickies around here. Buckets and buckets of hot chocolate. Our current fave is from Trader Joe's, Conacado Organic Fair Trade Cocoa (it is from the Dominican Republic).
Off to clear off the windowsills and get the decoration boxes out. A good thing to do while waiting for the cable installer. We're getting digital cable today (hooray!). I decided it was about time, and we need to watch the Cal vs. Stanford game on December 1st, which is only on digital cable channel where we are. Hey, it is on my birthday, so I figured it was a good present and a heck of a lot cheaper than paying big bucks to go to the game. Plus, it is the same as what we are paying for normal cable, plus Netflix, and since it has movies on demand, we can get rid of Netflix, net/net the same cost, and more viewing options. I'm excited we will finally have IFC/Sundance channel!


Lunaea said...

Hang on to Netflix, Julie -- the on-demand movies aren't letterboxed, for some insane reason, and they are $4 each, which is a lot to pay for only seeing 75 percent of the screen. :-)

Belita Rose said...

I just started decorating yesterday too. Before I was still trying to get boxes and piles dealt with. There are still a few boxes, but we were running out of time to put things up and still have time to enjoy them.