Saturday, October 06, 2007

Two New Tarot Cards

Here are two new tarot cards that I created for a recent collaborative tarot deck put together by RedDog, you can see some more of the majors at the Capolan website.

Temperance #14

The blending and balancing of opposites is the goal in one’s life. Make a conscious and unconscious effort to achieve harmony between the emotions and the intellect. An emphasis on using your creativity, welcoming transformation, practicing meditation, and achieving moderation, all in moderation.

A woman pours the gold into the silver(conscious and unconscious), all four elements are represented, the water(image of water, the earth(the stone woman), the air(growing lotuses) and the fire (sunlight on flowers).

Four of Cups

Cups represent water, emotions, relationships.
The four of cups means: Disregarding offered gifts from the divine. Being stuck in your own emotions. Solitude, introspection, a time of contemplation, the beginnings of self-awareness. Also, world-weariness, discontent with materialism.
Emotional energy turned inward to search for self-understanding.

The blue represents the watery basis of the card, four divine hands offering gifts, a watery, misty background, and a man deep in thought and contemplation.

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marion said...

these are beautiful, Julie, great work.