Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Free Zelda

Hooray! After two weeks, Zelda is free of the cone e-collar!!!
The backs of my knees are still recovering from being run into by an excited 90 pound cone-wearing lab. She isn't sighing as dramatically as before (you had to hear it to believe it), guess she is really feeling better now. Plus her shaved leg and belly hair is regrowing quickly. One thing labs never lack is excess hair!
I'm just glad that I can bring her in the car easily once more. I like driving around with her and really missed it, which surprised me.
And it is also great to be able to look at her and not get so sad and upset with the reminder of that horrible day when she was attacked.
I'm also more glad than I can say that the very vicious dog attack doesn't seem to have daunted her sparkly spirit much at all. I'm still having trouble with it, but she seems to have moved on. sigh.....Apparently, I can always learn something from my dog.

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