Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happiness is a New Purse

I've gone and done it and bought a New Purse! I was just dying for something spring-y and this was the best I could find. It is a SagHarbor. The little leather fruits were what sold me on it. That and there wasn't ANY FRINGE. Yikes, what the hell is with all the fringe on all the teenage purses. Yuck. I guess I would have dug it way back when. As it was my teenager informed me that this was definitely NOT a mom purse. Good, I said!

And on the inside the new purse, the fruity fabric. The straps are comfy to hold and big enough to put over my shoulder if I need to. Plus my green apple gum matches now.


Anonymous said...

That purse is SO YOU! lol hmmmm, makes me want to go find one too!!! :) hugs, Sherri D.

PaMdora said...

I know what you mean about the fringe. I was looking at purses the other day, and the ones I liked had these long dangley tassles hanging down with big beads! Look very hippish, but I tucked them inside and the purse was Okay! So I guess I could just cut them off since they're suede and won't unravel. It's not as elegant and springy as your apple green purse though.