Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge

I've decided to jump back in to the newly reformatted Self Portrait Tuesday which is now Self Portrait Challenge. So I shall now be inflicting photos of myself on you once more after a short hiatus.

For the first Self Portrait Challenge, we are to introduce ourselves.

This picture shows me in many of my roles:

playful mother (I love playing with my kids, they are so much fun)

happy dog owner (This picture was soon after we'd rescued Zelda from the pound)

incompetent or shall we say very relaxed housekeeper (I've got other priorities!)

family historian (note all the family pics on the wall)

art teacher/creativity encourager to my kids (Behind me is the "Making Cabinet" full of supplies)

Quilt Artist (note the quilt to the left)

Gardener indoor and out (note the plant hanging down from the second story ledge above)

home decorator (note the elegant mirror to the left of my head and interesting angle of the couch)

smiling wife (it is hard not to smile at my husband when he takes my picture since I love him so much).

Pictured is Zelda the Wonder Dog and my youngest son, A.

1 comment:

Deb R said...

That picture makes me smile too. You look great!

PS...I like the new blog template.