Sunday, May 21, 2006

E is For...

As part of the Wordplay project, I'm onto letter E today. I couldn't pick which E picture I liked better, so I put up both, why not?! Don't you love photoshop?

E, oh E why E?

It is a vowel! I love vowels. Pat I'd like to buy a vowel, E of course! Because it is so very popular.

Earth - Home Sweet Home (at least for now...)

Extra-Terrestrial- As in E.T. phone home. Do they Exist, odds are yes. Have they ever been here to Earth? Maybe. Do I love reading about "them", absolutely!

Eye-One of my favorite symbols, there are so many. Third Eye, All Seeing Eye, Eye of Horus, Winged Eye, Eye in Hand or Foot, Buddha Eye with Figli....etc.

Egg-Another of my favorite symbols. And edibles. Especially eggs benedict. I collect eggs, especially carved stones. One of my first quilts sums up my spiritual beliefs "All From One Egg"

Ear-I love ears, looking at the inner shape of each persons' swirls and curves, the lobes, hanging, pendulous or compact and attached. I love using my ears too to listen to music, my children and the world.

Earrings- Oh and if I love ears, of course I love earrings. I think more than shoes. Yes, definitely. I certainly have enough earrings, and I always tell the family, just buy me earrings, how hard could that be?! Some of my favorites are by Holly Yashi.

Egypt- One of the places I'd like to visit and love reading about. A cruise on the Nile and a visit to the pyramids would be great.

echidna-one of those spiny mammals that lay eggs. One of the reasons I really need to go to Australia.

ebullient- The word that brought my husband and I together. He used it to describe me, but he said ellubient, and of course I corrected him, nicely. But he had to go look it up.

Eeyore-My favorite character in Winnie the Pooh. What a good alternative to Tigger who was so bouncy and annoying. Eeyore was so phlegmatic and never gave up trying to build his house. Ooh I'll have to put that word in letter P!

Eiger- The mountain in Switzerland that has such a great mythic story, is so hard to climb, and hard to see clearly from below. Oh and a movie starring Clint Eastwood (The Eiger Sanction), who is another E I suppose.

Elementary- Some of my favorite and least favorite memories happened in elementary school. And I always loved the phrase "elementary my dear Watson", yes only from the Sherlock Holmes movies, NOT the books.

Excellent- Dude! Favorite Keanu Reeves expression, from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Energy-I've always had a lot, so has my husband, both gogogo Sagittarians. When we had these two very energetic kids and we were soooo tired I realized that our household had the same amount of energy as before but it was now spread over 4 people instead of 2. This is the way it goes I think.

Elucidate- Make it clear or to clarify. Something I always try to do, but don't always accomplish.

EEEEE- one of the childbirth breathing sounds. It still works. Glad I learned it.

Everclear-one of the most alcoholic drinks on Earth, distilled grain alcohol, tried it once, once was more than enough.

Eel - I love seeing them in the water. When I was snorkeling in Hawaii, we actually saw several hiding in the coral just like this one.

Enough-Basta, Done, Fini, Exit stage right!

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:-D eirdre said...

Hey - did you know my dad wrote the screenplay for The Eiger Sanction? Its true - he had no idea who Clint Eastwood was and hung the phone up on him several times, before his agent called and asked what the hell are you doing?!!! He thought it was his wacked out partner pretending to be someone famous.