Friday, May 05, 2006

Tumbler Charm

What's in the box? All of my tumbler sewn together strips as well as newly cut stacks of the charms from various boxes of fabric. The purple note to myself tells me which boxes I've gone through (so that I don't repeat myself). It is fun to go through box after box and get to unfold, cut and refold each and every piece of fabric that I own. Really, it is. Fabric Fondling at it's Finest.

Tumbler Strips project is getting longer and wider! I love seeing this grow and grow. The eye keeps moving. This is going to be a king-sized quilt eventually. Hopefully without a border, and just a triangle at the end of each strip to make it an even rectangular edge.


cara winsor hehir said...

ummm i love it!!! and using triangles instead of a border is a great idea, more special...your patience is also inspiring.

Maureen said...

I've never made tumbler blocks, but yours is so lovely I have a feeling I may make this block at some future time.

Karoda said...

are you saying you cut a piece from every single piece of fabric you have owned!???!!! Wow! and what a great idea!