Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Painting Not Quilting

Here are 3 painted and collaged tags from the 19 I had due for a Carousel of Colour Tag swap. Each swapee chose a color scheme and we were to do a tag for them in those colours. It was fun and challenging and time consuming. My colours were purple and yellow, so we shall see what everyone comes up with for me. These are my versions of from the left 1)red,black and a splash of white 2)Browns,sepia 3)Greens and blues .

If you'd like to see the rest, go to my Daily Devotions Blog and check them out.

When I'm painting I have to stop all quilting since I use the same workspace. Some of my quilts do indeed have paint on them, but usually it is put on in an intentional manner (grin).
Now that the tags are done and sent off, I've cleaned up the painting,glueing, collaging, read: MESSY stuff. I do so love making a mess!

And I'm back to quilting, making a house shaped quilt for the Alliance for American Quilts" Put a Roof Over Our Heads" exhibit. This little quilt has turned out to be an homage to Moms. And now I'm thinking I really oughta make one for MY mom. Or maybe I'll make her a card with the quilt as the image, that would be good. I'll show you a picture when it is done being quilted. Why don't you make one? They are a very small size 19" tall by 15"wide.

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