Saturday, May 20, 2006

Five Things

I know, I know, I wasn't in the first 5 responders, but I'm still doing the 5 Things Meme from DebR , so there!

5 items in my fridge: (I had to go look)

1. Tube of Wasabi paste husband brought back from Japan.

2. Jar of Italian Mushrooms that someone opened and ate one of, shoot I didn't realize they were even in here!

3. Bottle of Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead Otherworld Hot Sauce

4. Jar of Nopalitos, half used. See #5. DearSon A and I were discussing things we would consider weird that people around the world eat, and I mentioned cactus, he didn't believe me, so we found these in the Mexican food aisle. I'd had them in restaurants before and enjoyed them. Pretty good stuff!

5. Jar of MoleSauce, half used. #4 goes with #5 in theory anyways! Our local Mexican restaurant has a great Mole dish that my MIL really enjoys, I've asked for the recipe, but they won't part with it.

5 items in my closet:

1. Box of old cameras, cell phones and computer cords, why oh why are we keeping these?

2. Hatbox (a lovely big round box, really! Thanks to Nordstrom's) with an expensive straw hat I like to wear to outdoor weddings. It would have been squashed long ago,were it not for the hatbox.
3. The stack of jeans I keep in all the sizes I've been in the last thirty years. Pretty big stack at this point!

4. My old fireproof racing suit. No it no longer fits, and I no longer have the car for racing either, traded it in for my first good sewing machine.

5. A for-real 1940's Japanese Kimono in lucious silk, in PINK, thanks to Aunt Suzi for that .

5 items in my car:

1. A tire iron, (I love saying this with a horribly affected Southern accent that no one from the South would recognize.)

2. A bag of Newman's Own dog treats, for Zelda the Wonder Dog. These always end up under the front seat, but she manages to retrieve them everytime she gets to ride up front.

3. My car sketchbook and pens for when I'm waiting for someone to be ready to go to the next place, life of a mom, I just need a taxi driver's license...

4. A big bottle of Tum's, mint. Just in case, they work as breath fresheners (or let's be honest, breath changers).

5. My Mother's Wisdom Deck cards (art by Sulamith Wulfing, words by Lunaea Weatherstone)
DearSon Z says this is the WEIRDEST thing in the car, because they are so random (see he gets it, although he doesn't know he gets it!)

5 items in my Desk (though, I think I have more ON my desk than IN my desk):

1. Package of Bookplates from Antioch Publishing with the L illustration(Lazy Lions Lounging in the Local Library) from the fabulous alliterative animal alphabet book by Aussie author/illustrator Graeme Base, Animalia.

2. Klutz Press's "World's Tackiest Postcards" (just when you thought it was safe to go back to your mailbox they reared their ugly heads!). Found this funny site of bad postcards while looking this up, get ready to waste some time and laugh a lot. And yes, I have indeed sent some of these to people especially deserving...

3. A box of stationery with letters I've written and never sent, oooh mysterious...

4. My hoarded office supplies, this is a BIG source of amusement for the family. But are they laughing when mom can always produce the needed paper clip,clamp,punch,staple or tape that they need? No of course they are not, they are contrite and thankful, til they start teasing me again for my penchant for office supplies....

5. Small package of Cover glass for microscope slides. We keep the microscope under the desk. Where else right? It isn't like we have a laboratory or something, so the desk suffices, for the moment, bwahahaha...

Well that was FUN!


cara winsor hehir said...

oh i love these things, fun, fun!
in fridge:
- many half eaten bottles of baby food
-a jar of pickled herring
-2 wedges of soggy green pepper
-a very empty bottle of ketchup
-a large varity of pataks

-various sizes of clothing i've owned for 15 years
-a fantastic collection of rock n roll outfits
-cat hair
-footbath (barely used)
dead plants

car: n/a

thanks, oh and lovely mom quilt by the way.

Deb R said...

I'm so glad you played - I loved reading your list! I'm glad you included some explanations too. I read "nopalitos" and thought "huuhh?" :-)

(How do they taste?)

kristen said...

Nopales are one of my very most favorite foods. My gramma makes them sometimes when she can get some of the "leaves"

you think the stuff in the jar is good? just wait until you find hole in teh wall mexican restaurant that has the real deal. GOOD doesn't HALF describe them. There is a place in escondido that has them, but they're not made the same way my gramma makes them. it's an act of love when she makes nopales b/c you have to cut off the spines first.

i want some now :)

kristen said...

oh, and deb, the way my gramma makes them, they are al dente (the ones i've gotten in jars tend to be limp) and have a slight tang to them. she sweats them w/onion first, then adds tomato sauce, some chilis, probably some cumin. sometimes she'll add some chile verde.

damn. mouth is now watering.