Sunday, April 30, 2006

Friday Field Trip

Sand dunes at Wilder Ranch State Park. Friday brought a day out with the 5th graders of my son's class. What a fun day. Perfect weather for it too, foggy, not too hot, so I of course got a nice sunburn (aka fogburn). I think this picture of the dunes and the saltmarsh would make a great inspiration for a landscape quilt.

After we walk for a mile and a half, we get down to a small beach where there is this great cave. The entire class disappeared into the depths of this cave. I ventured in far enough to get this picture from the mouth of the cave looking out.

Found two dead starfish washed up on the cliff wall. One was still kinda pinkish, but they were goners unfortunately.

Lovely color of seaweed, looks good enough to eat doesn't it? How about that texture too, doesn't it remind you of a cat's tongue?

Foxgloves in the garden of the ranch house. I need to grow some of these!

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