Monday, April 03, 2006

March Books List

Last month I hardly read any books! Instead I caught up on the stacks of magazines that were threatening my stacks of unread books.

But! The books I did read were quite good:

1. The Egyptologist by Arthur Phillips , a really well-plotted inventive book. Told in many voices using letters, cables, journals and little illustrative drawings. Set in Egypt and Boston. If you kinda like mysteries you'll probably like this book.

2. King in the Window by Adam Gopnik, a YA (young adult?!) book, which my son got as a holiday gift, he was pestering me to read it so we could discuss it, and that we have. He was right, it was a great adventure tale with all kinds of crazy happenings in Paris and some interesting thoughts on mirrors/windows/reality.
3. Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott, read this in one day, 3/31, just so I could say I'd read 3 books this month(silly me). This was a standard Lamott novel (which is wonderful), with extremely well-described, engaging characters, wonderful spiritual musings that almost function as interlude, and last but not least a view of current culture in Northern California.

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kristen said...

I will have to look for Blue Shoe. One of my favorite Annie Lamott books is Hard Laughter.

I heard her on Fresh Air in 1998 when she was talking about, among other things, her book Operating Instructions about the first year of her life w/Sam. i ran out and bought it almost immediately after hearing that interview. i was telling another friend about it and it turns out he and his family are friends w/the very talented ms. lamott! cool, huh?

good on ya for reading 3 books in the 3rd month :)