Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Backyard Tour

Now that the rain has stopped (for the moment), let's take a Backyard Tour!!!
First up, the azaleas have bloomed for the first time ever, very exciting.

Borage clumps are springing up and we're mowing around them. Borage brings happiness in the language of flowers. Plus the flowers taste good, and the bees love them too.

Wow, the closeup function actually worked on my camera, amazing. Here is our fig tree budding out. My BIL will love this as he digs figs. har har.

BIG crop of forgetmenots this year, I'm seeing them all over the place. Is it possible they could crowd out the *(&^!$% Scotch Broom??? Never will happen, that Scotch Broom is unstoppable.

Of course, a backyard tour isn't complete without a picture of Zelda the Wonder Dog who monitors ALL activity in her domain. Who is also very happy about the tall, succulent grass to munch on.

Last but certainly not least, the lilacs! Oh do these ever smell yummy. I cut them back last year, and have triple the blooms this year, hooray! These bushes are just humming with bees, I love that busy buzzzy sound.
Thanks for touring the backyard with me...

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Laume said...

pretty puppy pretty flowers much nicer then predictions of Bush stupidities I don't want to hear about them lalalala I can't hear you but nice pretty green is beeyootiful purple too i forgot my punctuation in bed today