Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hearst Castle

Does this look familiar? The indoor pool looked pretty inviting, it is quite deep

We took a little journey down the coast to visit Hearst Castle. Tired of all the constant rain, we drove down in sunny weather and enjoyed frolicking on the rocky beach. Had a great meal and dessert in Cambria. The next day rain was threatening, but we had our tour booked. Here is how foggy it was up at the castle. We were in a cloud! I was quite take with the tile designs most of which were done by architect Julia Morgan. All the pictures were taken by my son's friend Mary who came along with us, good pics Mary!

That's me, by the lion's rearend. I have to send this picture to my sorority,Phi Mu, as they like to have pics of the alums with lions (our symbol, Sir Fidel), we're known as Les Soeurs Fideles, (The Faithful Sisters).

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