Thursday, April 06, 2006

Passion of Mary Magdalen

Hey! You can finally pre-order the new
book , The Passion of Mary Magdalen #2 in The Maeve Chronicles or The Magdelene Trilogy on Amazon.

I encountered this first book in the trilogy at my library, and then hunted down a used copy since it had gone out of print. It is a stunning retelling of the Magdalene /Jesus tale, with a fresh feminist, Goddess-centric take on the whole story.
Daughter of the Shining Isles by Elizabeth Cunningham

All of Cunningham's works are worth searching out and devouring in my opinion. I'm still looking for a couple of them...


Kate West said...

Just what I need--more books to read--lol. Seriously, though, they sound really good and I'm adding them to my list.

Laume said...

oh my stars, I am so hugo much biggo an Elizabeth Cunningham fan. Yes I AM! I read the first book of the trilogy ages ago and wept (okay, so I didn't weep, in fact I cussed a lot) when I found out the publisher had no intention of finishing the other two books. So YAH!

P.S. I already knew about it being published finally, but had forgotten to check up on the when part, so thanks for reminding me

Laume said...

P.P.S. That was supposed to say "hugo MUCHO biggo" - sheesh, you might think I can't spell or sumthin'