Friday, April 21, 2006

The Haul

I'm calling this "The Haul", an innocent trip to the sewing machine store, just to see if they had the foot I needed. I ended up buying a replacement Big Foot, mine finally broke after constant use for five years, not bad for plastic! And since I still struggle with accurate 1/4" seam, I got the Little Foot. Even with the 1/4" foot that came with my Janome, so we'll see if this helps me or not.
I have several quilts that are at the binding stage so I needed more Thimble Pads, these are sticky backed circles (basically moleskin, like you use on your feet if you get hiking blisters) that you put on your under finger so that it doesn't get poked by the needle over and over again.
Then they had some sparkly Halo thread, oooh shiny, must buy.....
Two batiky FQ's in kinda weird colors.
And last but not least a brand new to market Clover Japanese knot maker. Go see this website, they've got several patterns of knot templates, cool!

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