Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is tomorrow, what are you doing?

Can you take the Energy Fast? It would be hard, especially since it soccer and mowing the lawn day....
Too hippie-ish for you?

Well, how about the day it kinda replaced.....
good ol' dependable Arbor Day?

Here is a list of the different days it celebrated around the US, by state, along with the state tree. Whoops, I missed mine in California, put it on the calendar for next year. And here is the international list.

If you want to procrastinate a month, you could celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th .

How about hosting an Earth Dinner? I've seen these cards at the natural foods store, they're cool. Basically just a way to spur dinner conversation (not usually a problem around our house, but with people you don't know well, perhaps it would be a good way to get to know others). Also, they have a kind of game feeling to them which is always a fun twist at dinner time.

Thanks go to Waverly Fitzgerald at School of the Seasons for some of the above links.

That's one of my quilts from back in 2001, Gaia Asleep.

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Jaye said...

1. Reminded boy about Earth Day. 2. Didn't drive anywhere.
3. Cleaned out the kitchen.