Wednesday, April 26, 2006

999 Days to Go!

Hooray, we're under a 1,000 days to go!!!
See the Bush Countdown Clock in the left sidebar.
A lot can happen in 999 days of course, but still, it feels better to be on the other side of 1,000.
What could happen in 999 days? What are my 3 biggest worries?

1. We could attack Iran.
possibly with nukes.

2. We could get another Supreme Court Justice.
or two, or three, it is possible.

3. We could continue to have a Republican controlled Senate and House even after the 2006 elections.
Really? Are Americans that far gone?

4. We could invade Canada and takeover their health care system for our own.


cara winsor hehir said...

if george comes after our health care he could be in the waiting room for days before he gets it.

Shelina said...

Oh I just love this countdown! Haven't seen it before! Oh yeah, I also enjoyed looking at your quilt entries.