Friday, December 07, 2007

Don't Get Your PJs in a Twist

Thanks so very very much to the talented, lovely and suddenly employed(!!?)DebR for this tremendous award. As she did the research and found out what the heck it was all about, I'll quote her here:

"The idea is to award it to bloggers whose blogs you enjoy, saying what sort of pajamas you think that blogger would inspire a store to sell. Janet also added a part about telling a pajama story."

Here's what she wrote about me, and it totally made my day:

"Julie-inspired PJs would be soft as a cloud, full and floaty, perfect to wear while meditating or to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. Each pair would be hand-dyed in all the colors of the rainbow, so no two sets would look exactly alike, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale would go to a worthy cause, so they’d be Good Karma PJs."

Hmmmm, that is such a great idea, maybe I ought to actually make some Good Karma Pjs, think there is a market out there for them??These are rayon jersey jammies (sp?!) from Dharma Trading, and they look really cozy and comfy, I'm going to take up this blog pj challenge and make some for myself. If I achieve enlightenment while meditating in them, I may not get back to you all. Thanks for the idea DebR!
So, which blogs do I think would inspire pj's, which do I think are an automatic, aha! of course!
The first one that comes to mind is Jaye over at ArtQuiltMaker which would obviously have to be polka-dotted, intense and fun colors, crisp yet comfy cotton that wouldn't get annoying and wrinkly. They would probably have pockets too. Oh and maybe a teacup or teapot motif as an applique somewhere.
Next my thoughts turn to Laume at BeachTreasure, hers would be warm, comfortable, with pithy sayings that automatically rotated (somehow magically or something), they would also be eclectic looking, maybe some velvet, some rayon, some cotton, some boa feathers or fringe, something sparkly too, you get the idea. Boho/gypsy, yet just mom enough.
And I'll wind it up with a third Joanna at Gaian Tarot Artist's Journal, I can easily visualize sky blue, hand-painted, floaty, sustainably grown bamboo blend knit, with tickly white and woolly trim. These pyjamas would make you feel ready to go within, and make some art when you come back on out to the world.


Laume said...

Oh Julie, you made me giggle and grin - made my day! I love how you imagined me in my pajamas. I am honored indeed. Coincidentally (or NOT), I was just thinking of bloggers in pajamas. I'll do a post on my choices but I probably won't get to it until tonight or tomorrow because if I start on it now I won't get anything done today and I MUST! I'm soooo behind!

Anonymous said...

Hey, ever since my favorite large-ladies nightgown maker, Laughing Sisters, closed down I've been hoping someone else would take over the flannel nightie concession! :-)

Deb R said...

I would want some Good Karma PJs if you made some! It was fun to read your choices too!

Jaye said...

Ooohh! Polka dot pajamas with pockets. They sound fabulous! I'll have to look for some fabric.