Sunday, December 16, 2007

Everything's Coming up Oranges

There are a bunch of new artists joining up in an exhibition group I'm very proud to be part of, go check out the newly updated California Fiber Artists' website.
The member who updates the website for us (the super cool and talented and tall, Carol Larson had to request some artwork without orange in it, presumably because everyone is going through an "orange" phase! Or something like that. Anyways!
I looked through what I wanted to add to the website and dang it if two out of the three quilts didn't have mostly orange. Isn't that funny?Edifice, Bittersweet is pretty orange-i-licious of course. I'm always looking for good ways to combine red and yellow when I dye, and orange is of course the happy result!
And my 2007 Journal Quilt, Interim Destination has several shades of orange and pretty darn close to orange and I discovered that even Japanese ikat comes in Orange (in the orange/green check seen here).
Only Spiral Recycles II was pretty much orange free. But that was because it used older (vintage?) scraps from my worktable. They are kind of arranged like strata in my scrap boxes, and you can see my blue phase, my purple phase, etc. when you dig through them...
I never really think about getting stuck on one color as a bad thing, per se. I feel like I'm just exploring it in all its shades and hues and of course with other colors. I find it is a good exercise for me. Maybe I'll pick a color for 2008 out of a hat and see if I can do some work in that chosen color. A new thing to do on New Year's Eve..
Ooooh it is finally raining! I better post this before the power decides to go out.

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