Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blue Grids

You may not recall, but I showed these to you "In The Raw" (with no quilting)back in October. So, I took a bit of time last week and quilted all four of these, they're about 12x12" or so, some a bit larger, some a bit smaller. It is funny comparing the before and after pictures, they looked so fragile and insubstantial. Like they could just fly apart with the slightest breeze, leaving no trace. But now they are weighty, they aren't going anywhere, unless it is together!
I used a dark khaki olive-y brown rayon for three out of four of these. I like how that quilting line looks like a pencil mark. A bit more subtle than using a black thread.
This one asked to have blue, and there are some embroidered pointy tails (click to see closer view). It also asked not to be squared up, I didn't have a problem with that.
I'm calling these Blue Grid #1 -4


Deb R said...

I really like these, Julie - all the layering is cool. The first one is my favorite.

PS...look for your name on my blog tomorrow. I just got an award/tag sort of thing and I'm passing it on to you. :-)

Karoda said...

I'm looking at these wondering how cool they would be larger, as in huge! Whatdya think?

Jaye said...

The top one looks like the blue bullseyes or the leftovers from the bulleyes.