Friday, December 14, 2007

Black and White All Over

I guess I was in a black and white mood when I was shopping at Natural Expressions. The strand of carved bone beads caught my eye first. They'll go with the buri beads and some others in that color range for a necklace I'm planning for myself.
And then I spied these horn beads, don't they look like beehives? Not sure what they'll be on, but I thought they'd make a great design element somewhere. Plus they are light weight, so will be easy to put on the surface of a quilt. That's the tought thing with beads on quilts, the ones big enough to make an impact on the design are usually too heavy and distort the surface of the quilt in very unappealing ways.
And then they had all the batik panels on sale, 75% off, so I purchased this one. I really like the contrast of the red sun and the black white house/boats. I'm preparing to make a black white and red sweatshirt jacket, and this will be perfect on the back. Equilter has some good batik panels in case you are inspired!
And I'll save you $4.00. Don't buy this deck. For some reason I thought there would be more to it than the instructions "Use strips of fabric instead of poker chips for betting" Sigh. Taken in yet again by a deck of cards. But I will be bringing this to the CQFA retreat in February and trying it out with a group...

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