Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Cornucopia

Alex has been doing Ho-Kuk-Mu-Sul, a Korean mixed martial arts for a few months now, and he got his first belt promotion this past Saturday. It was quite a to-do with amazing demonstrations from the black belts in the community. Here he is before (with the beginner's white belt).
And then afterwards with the yellow stripe belt. Does he look different? Yes, I believe he does. The hair is still crazy, but he's standing up straighter and prouder. The first step towards achieving black belt. The instructors remove the old belt, loop it and tie it around their legs then place it over the students head. Kind of a cool ritual, no?
I normally don't care for pigeons, I have been caught referring to them as "rats with wings", but these one caught my eye in Santa Cruz as we ate lunch. It had a pink iridescent head, and these lovely browns fading into the white tail.
You know it is the holidays when the Red Velvet cake appears at Costco. No, I didn't buy one. I almost did, but the red food coloring taste is a killer for me. Maybe I could eat around it?? It sure looks like a yummy cake though.
And here is how my window looks with the beady snowflakes, some glittery stars I made and my purple studio lights.

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