Wednesday, January 03, 2007

She is done

My quilt about Peace Pilgrim got done just in time. Pshew! After a very trying morning discovering that my CD writer is dead. D-E-A-D@*##)(%!! Shoot Well, luckily my dear son has a working one, so I was able to create the entry cd. My envelope is winging its way to Arizona right this very second.
This is a very detail shot, so I'm not giving too much away about the overall quilt...

I'm really pleased with how the quilt turned out, and I'm really proud of myself for getting up off my ass and getting it done. I looked at myself, bleary eyed, exhausted, still recovering from pneumonia, and thought, you know? Peace would have been out walking anyways. Why can't you suck it up and just make the quilt you know you promised you'd make? A little self-talk like this usually works on me (I'm a pushover!) And then I contrived to send the boys and husband out for some Rocky Balboa movie action. So with the inspiration, the time alone and the materials I eventually uncovered from the construction came together as I'd hoped and planned.

I just hope it conveys the beauty and power of her life that I admire so very much.

A beginning to my artist statement is: The black is the highway she walked so many miles along, through the varied American landscape over the years.


kristen said...

i can just imagine what the rest of the quilt looks like - and happily, the entries just have to be postmarked due to the mail being closed (has that happened when other presidents have died?). i can't wait to see it in its full glory.

i'm so pleased for you that you got it all done! you are most excellent!

Catherine said...

Thanks for the link, what a fascinating story. She certainly deserves to be honoured in a quilt