Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Resolution #3

Up to resolution number 3 already, the year seems to be flying by at break-neck pace! For more illustrated resolutions, check out Self Portrait Challenge.

As you can no doubt guess, my third resolution is to: Stop and Smell the Roses. And my goodness in the dead of this frigid winter, a rose growing on my nevergiveupneversaydie climbing rose.


Deirdre said...

are you sure that's a rose? I doesn't look like a rose - of course its 20 degrees outside here, so our roses look like... dead stalks and thorns

I think this year I may try and get a bunch of 'starters' from the 7-Sisters bush we have. Before the thorns get too dangerous!

martha said...

I still have some sad little roses on my rose bush. What is a seven sisters rose?

angela said...

to find any blossom in January would be a lovely surprise, lucky you!
i just scrolled down and saw some of the quilts - so beautiful.

enjoy the stopping and smelling in '07 :)

turquoise cro said...

MMMMMMmmmmmm! I can almost smell it from here in BBBRRRRRR cold West Virginia! HI!!! JULIE!!! I don't have your email sooooo I thought I would stop in here and THANK YOU!!! for the beauty full mug!!! I will be posting about it later, I'm cleaning out a China cupboard right now and took a break to open my mail!!! WOOO HOOOO! I love it and the tea and the cool photo of that big, big tree, is that a redwood??? DUH!!! but I haven't seen one before, just in pics!!! xo, take care and it's NICE to meet YOU! xo, Cinda

kristen said...

in sonoma we had flowers beginning to pop up left and right by now. in sparks, not so much, so thank you for sharing your sweet rose. i very much like this picture AND the reslolution.