Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Resolution #4

Already on the 4th week of the year?!?! How did this happen, time is flying by fast this year. Here is my Fourth resolution for the new year. Walk More. I'm illustrating these and sharing them in the hopes that it will keep me more motivated to keep up with these urges to do better in my life. Go see more at Self Portrait Challenge.
The picture of me walking was done by putting my camera on the road with the self timer on, running back a ways and then walking towards the camera. I kind of like the angle. Right after this shot, Zelda the wonderdog ran over and sniffed/drooled on the camera! Eeek!
The other two pictures show you what my walk this morning looked like. I love the light in the morning this time of year, so precious and light gold.


melba said...

Me too. I need to walk more.I always feel better when I do.

Deb R said...

Cool photos! I hope the camera survived the inspection by Zelda the Wonderdog! :-)

turquoise cro said...

O Poopy, Julie, I wish we lived near each other for walking partners!!! I want to walk more too and soon!!! xo, Cinda