Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you!
This is what I've been working on, a quilt about Peace Pilgrim for the She Made Her Mark show. Hope it gets finished, and I hope my entry gets there in time. Now that the post office is closed for president Ford's death, I'm not sure about that!
Oh well, that is what happens when I wait til the last minute I guess. This is only a small section of the sky, we aren't supposed to show the whole thing on our blog to keep the surprise going.

And here is how we looked last night on our way to our friend's house for a small and short New Year's Eve party. I'm still getting over pneumonia unfortunately, and it is hard to talk and be social for long periods. I've lost my wind so to speak!

Today I will work on some goal setting and maybe some resolution making. we'll see!

Hope your new year is filled with good surprises, joy, love and health!


:-D eirdre said...

Great Family Photo! and I love the glasses - hope you feel better soon - maybe this will be it for the ickies this year!

kristen said...

what what what is this about pneumonia??? ack. i'm so sorry. i had a very light case of it when rhys was quite bitty - i can still remember how the breathing (or rather not breathing well) felt. please please take care of yourself!!

and you all look great in that picture :)!