Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Resolution #2

Continuing into week #2 of Self Portrait Challenge, my second resolution. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Last year I got out of the habit, resorted to too much dried fruit and juice. Very stupid since I'm in California where we have fresh stuff all year round.

The first image is kinda rote, and boring although I love the deep colors, and I always love pictures of my hands. (Why is that by the way, that I am taken by images of my own hands?Hmmmm)

But then I thought to take some action pictures of me following through on the resolution. I found that it is hard to take a good pic of oneself while eating. And I left the flash on, so I'm very washed out. Which is, quite frankly, how I feel at this time of the year. Completely washed out.
But then I took it through the filter factory and swapped red and green. I always wanted green lips! Really. And who knew that red broccoli is actually appealing? It looks like it would be spicy. By the way, from this angle I actually like my nose.


Deb R said...

Mmmmm....pomegranates. I need to buy more of those...yum.

That's a resolution I should be better about too. But I'm not in California and that's definitely an issue for me. I love fruits and veggies when they're local and fresh but they tend to be very unappealing to me in the winter when they're all shipped in from who-knows-where or else canned or frozen and I tend to slip and not eat them as often as I should.

Cool photos!

Sacred Suzie said...

I just got some pomegranates too, they're wonderful in salads and of course for juicing. Super healthy foods! Way to go and I love that green filter too. :)