Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Come for a Visit

This is a really fun one from DebR this week for Create a Connection, Getting to Know you.
"Here's the scenario this week. Imagine you've made a connection with another blogger who lives in a completely different part of the world than you do. This blogger is about to take a trip and the connection you've made is so strong that she is going to make your house one stop on her trip. (Yay!) Unfortunately she can only stay at your place for 24 hours (boo!), but she'd like to see some nearby sights while visiting with you.
Keeping in mind that time is quite limited, so you have to stick pretty close to home (although not necessarily right IN your town - just anyplace you could go as a day trip), try looking around you with the eyes of someone who has never seen your area and tell us some things you'd share with..."
A Visitor to Your Hometown
1. Your visitor wants to see something historical. Where would you take her and why?
Historical, hmmmm. Well we could go see the San Lorenzo Valley history museum, which has some amazing stuff documenting the redwood logging industry. Including a local newspaper which ran out of paper one week and went to press on tree leaves. But my favorite historical place to go is the first and oldest state park in California (established in 1902), just up the road in my town, Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Bring your hiking shoes.

2. She wants to see something hysterical...well, mildly amusing anyway. She'd even go for cute, quirky, odd, or unique. Where would you take her and why?
Definitely the BigFootMuseum in Felton. Or maybe the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. Or the steam train, Roaring Camp in Felton, you can ride all the way down to the beach.

3. She wants to take some beautiful and/or interesting photos to fill her albums when she gets home. Where would you take her?
Well, that would be forest and ocean for around here. First the redwood groves in either Big Basin or Henry Cowell are a must. Especially in the morning, so quiet and foggy with the light shining through the incredible trees. Then down to the ocean, how about Natural Bridges State Beach? Well only one bridge now, as one collapsed. Great tidepooling at the right time of day, and also some cool rocks just offshore that lots of critters hang out on, like elephant seals. If she comes at the right time of year (October - February), we can go see the Monarch butterfly groves in the eucalyptus just up from the beach. Don't forget your tripod.

4. She'd like to buy a souvenir that will remind her of your area every time she sees it. What would you suggest and where would you go to get it?
I would suggest a redwood burl salt and pepper shaker set or a gooey sticky gummy candy Banana Slug . Or maybe a tie-dyed Santa Cruz shirt from the wharf.

5. Wow, it's been a long day and you're both ready for a snack, or maybe even a meal. Where would you take her to really get the flavor of your area?
Geez, there isn't anything more fun or yummier than Ciao Bella in Ben Lomond. Or if you don't want Italian, how about eating some fresh fish on the wharf in Santa Cruz. Clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl perhaps?


Deb R said...

It sounds great, Julie! Let me know when your house remodel is all done and you're ready for visitors! :-)

Deirdre said...

The visit sounds almost wonderful - all except for that Banana Slug stuff - you really must like them! Good for you BTW for keeping up your new healthy life style - I think you're right blogging helps keep you honest!

Karoda said...

This is a cool meme! (what does meme stand for btw?) it has my wheels turning trying to answer the questions!