Thursday, January 18, 2007

Best and Worst

Another getting to know you exercise from DebR at Create a Connection.

This time it is:

Best and Worst

1. What's the best place you ever lived? the worst?

The best place I ever lived is right here! I love it here in the redwood forest, it really suits me. Our land that we own is always surprising to me, I walked it the other day and discovered some new features I hadn't noticed in the 10 previous years! That's what happens when you have more than an acre. I really enjoy having space between me and my neighbors, turns out that is important to me. I was going to say Berkeley, because I really loved being in a smallish city, and Berkeley is so cool and weird and inspiring, but I'm much, much happier here.

The worst place I've ever lived is the apartment in Oakland that my friend J and I got, right out of college. There were gunshots ringing out on occasion, hookers walking the street a block away, really noisy cars driving by, etc. And oh my goodness the commute I ended up with was horrific. I thought I'd land a job in San Francisco, but ended up down in Palo Alto, it was quite a daily grind of a drive. But it was really fun living with her! Just wish it had been in a better neighborhood.

2. What's the best place you ever visited on holiday/vacation? the worst?

The best place I've ever visited on vacation is Hawaii. I loved it there. The air was soft on my skin, the light was more beautiful, the plants were amazing and exotic, it smelled good, there was so much to do, or beaches to lie on if you didn't want to do anything. Oh and volcanoes, 'nuff said. And snorkeling, which is like flying under water. I really want to go back. Especially to see my cousin C and her new baby boy C.

The worst place I ever visited on vacation was, Portland, Oregon. It rained a lot. It was boring being stuck indoors in a hotel with my parents and little brother. I dislocated my knee in the hotel and had to go to the hospital. Not necessarily Portland's fault, but there it is.

3. What's the best job you ever had? the worst?

The best job I've ever had is being an artist and mother (ie:now!). I've got to say this is the best!! Thanks St. Husband, I like having an art patron who doesn't get too mad if he has to make dinner.

The worst was being a Santa's Helper/Elf at the mall's Santa Photo stand when I was a teenager. Bleah on the pushy mothers, bleah on the nasty children, bleah on the drunken santa.

4. What's your best talent or ability? your worst?

My best talent is seeing the big picture and the small details at the same time, which most likely leads to:
My worst ability is being on time and prepared.

5. What's the best decision you ever made? the worst?

The best decision I ever made was to marry my husband. Far and away, no contest!! Hopefully he would say the same!

The worst decision I ever made was to give up on working outside the home seven years ago, because of my disease. I let myself be limited by pain, and now it is too late to step back in and work at the level I had achieved.

Bonus (so we can end on a positive note!): What's one good thing about you that isn't covered in the questions above, but that you'd like to share with the world? One good thing about me I haven't mentioned is that I'm a really good multi-tasker. Like a lot of women (and a few men, although I haven't met any), I'm able to do a lot of things at once, and think about other things at the same time.


Deb R said...

Great answers, Julie, and the photos are fabulous! (That one of you, A, and Z is hilarious!!)

Besides needing to go to Italy together, we need to go to Hawaii together! I'd LOVE to go back!

Tammy said...

I was raised in the Bay Area and am now in the country too. I love people who are on time and prepared ;) Nice to meet you!

Debra said...

While it is too late to step back into work and be at or above the level you were seven years ago, that should not limit you if you wanted to go back at all.

At the moment I'm working at getting back to work. And I haven't had "real job" for over 20 years.

swampgrrl said...

hey there...just wandered over from CaC and am visiting your blog for the first time.

i love the photographs of your family. "st. husband" looks like a keeper!

let's you, debR and me go to hawaii...i do so need to be there with an umbrella'd drink in my hand and nothing on my feet.