Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poetry Thursday

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Poetry Thursday

Rain, Again

by Julie Zaccone Stiller

Dark morning

Sunrise obscured

Dampness arriving

Nearly dried, now disturbed

Rattle and gurgle

Water down drains

Expecting a shower

Receiving wet panes

Unclean, now sodden

Debris of a storm

Rusting in place

Not waiting til dawn

Rain, again

Resigned to the season

Stay locked indoors

Dry, unless there's a reason


Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh gosh its been raining like that here too. Today though it is beuatifully clear and blue skied.

Norma said...

I'll have to try this in IE. In Firefox your left margin is overlapping some of the poem. But I think I got most of it. My thought: you mean it rains in California?

Great idea for a poem.

kristen said...

after a very dreary day, it has finally started to snow. much better than the depressing drearyness -- here, in sparks, if it's going to be so damn cold and dreary, i'd like it to snow, so i'm happy abou tit and the kiddos and i went and did a little YEA FOR SNOW dance outside.

sonoma county often had the dreary rainy days -- i liked it some of the time, but after a few weeks of it, it got old.