Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cabin Fever

Well, cabin fever seems to have set in. The pets are reluctant to go out in the cold. (everyone say awwwww). I tried to explain to them how they were lucky not to live in the land of icestorms, snowstorms, etc. but they weren't in a listening mood.

So they spend their time cuddled up together. Or fussing and fighting with each other.

Here you can see they are fighting over the latest issue of Fiberarts magazine. How about that cover, yikes! It scared me when I got it in the mail. It was a good issue though, once you got past that freaky cover picture. This is one of the magazines I plan to keep subscribing to forever. It always has something fresh and new. Not always the same ol' same ol' quilty stuff, but really wild-out-there, pushing the envelope apart stuff. That's inspiration for me!

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