Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Musings

This weekend we got a wonderful gift, our brand-new furnace finally got hooked up! Wheeeee, no more keeping a fire going day and night. Just the whoosh, click, humm of a toasty efficient heater. What a difference it makes. My ears are thawing out, I don't have to wear my scarf all day long, and no socks. My feet are enjoying being out of socks! The animals are very suspicious though, I think they've forgotten all the usual noises and smells from the furnace going. Short memories! It has only been a few months.

Saturday our sheet-rockers came and almost completely finished. So now we have walls. What a difference it makes in the sound carrying from room to room. And almost some real privacy and so forth. We really take that for granted in our modern homes, don't we? The ability to go into another room and close the door, creating the illusion that you are separate and really isolated and alone. A few generations ago, when the Westward Expansion was pushing across the plains, just think of all those one room cabins that families lived in. I don't think I would have made it! How about you?


Deirdre said...

Julie - I'm so excited for you! How great to have HEAT & PRIVACY! Once your hands thaw out - we want to see some more photos!

Deirdre said...

Julie - are you on old blogger or new blogger? I'm trying to figure out why sometimes my link works and sometimes it doesn't - this one will include the 'http' in the website