Monday, May 02, 2005

Warning~ Pentagon Rant Ahead

I can't believe these pictures that the Pentagon finally released (after being sued under a FOIA), here on the Return of the Fallen site.
They've redacted most of the faces of our soldiers! Big black boxes covering the faces. The reason given, that the soldiers in the honor guard ceremonies haven't given "permission". Uh huh, sure.
I want to see their faces damnit, and I'm sure their mommas would too. It looks so terribly wrong, and just plain macabre. Or like they were caught in a porno theater dealing crack or something vilely embarrassing. For goodness sake they are participating in a ceremony HONORING a soldier who has DIED for his/her country! Not removing the remains of a congressman who died shagging a stripper or something. Sheesh. This makes me so sick.
So what are we supposed to interpret from this? I immediately assume: That the Pentagon is embarrassed about the soldiers dying. This war was declared OVER a long time ago by Chimpy McFlightSuit standing underneath the "Mission Accomplished" banner, and I suppose that it IS awfully embarrassing to have to keep bringing home all these flag draped coffins. But come on people, show the whole thing, grim expressions and all.
The faces would tell us the whole story that I know I really need to hear. That there is actually SOMEONE who is honoring these soldiers who are continuing to give their lives up for a needless war of choice. The President certainly isn't!
For more ideas on the meaning of these photos look at BAGnewsNotes.

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