Saturday, May 14, 2005

Reading Assignment

Have you read the Downing Street memo yet? It was released just before the elections in the UK, but hasn't gotten much coverage in the US. You really, really must, please do, this is it here:

This all goes back to my reasons for making the 8th deadly sin quilt, Pay Attention America! This memo that we were not meant to see, is fact based, not opinion based, not spin. While the president was telling us he had "no plans for war", he was in fact planning for war, with our ally Britain.

We impeached our last president just for lying about sex, what should happen to this president for lying about WAR?? I think impeachment should be the least that should happen.


Gerrie said...

Julie!!!!! I hear you - where is everyone else. Why don't we hear about this in the corporate media. I found that article on page 9 of my local paper - with an itty bitty headline. I am so outraged. Thanks for posting this.

Karoda said...

Julie, I've been in political recovery for about a year(limiting my dose of political awareness)...I have never been so politically traumatized by an administration than I have with this one. Maybe what "liberal" means when applied to the media is "media for sale". I know we will have to live with the impact of this bs for a long long while but I'm holding my breath just to get to the next election.