Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Studio Confidante, Rocks, Shoes

Red Rocks AND shoes, a two-fer picture! I have big size 11's, but then I'm tall, and most of the time when I'm hiking, I need all the help I can get to stay vertical.

Oh and how about another red rock from Sedona, AZ. I always see things in rocks, shapes that remind me of something, or maybe a face, so I take a picture, and darned if I can remember what the heck I thought I saw when I look at the picture later. Oh well.

And here she is again, just recently back from her photo session at Quilting Arts Magazine, my studio confidante. The webringleader Diane asked if we had a studio confidante/mascot/whatever.
So here she is, my Studio Guardian Angel, reminding me to Take Time.


Diane said...

What a fun confidante! Thanks for sharing her!

Deborah said...

How funny. My guardian angel for the QA challenge is also about time. I've had an impossible time taking her picture other wise I'd post one.