Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The New Iron

A new iron! hooray! The old one went wonky on me and was making a horrible noise (grrackkkk, grrrackkk!) when the standby light was blinking. It was also drawing down the power in my studio. Seemed like a candidate for a tragic fire happening. I gave it to DH who was thrilled, but I made him promise me not to leave it plugged in. Where he irons is in a high traffic area in the house, so that won't be likely. And THEN he ironed the clothes I wore to the 50th birthday surprise party we were going to. Is he awesome or what?!

Top Five Reasons I bought this iron:
1) I liked the name "EuroPro"
2) It is purple, I mean c'mon!
3) The handle felt just right in my hand
4) Wanted to try a non-silverstone soleplate
5) It was the only box not obviously re-taped in the store


Caitlin O'Connor said...

*swoooooons* for your new iron - and BTW, that man is a KEEPER, eh?

PURPLE iron! PURPLE! Wheee!

Scrapmaker said...

Beautiful iron...oh and happy birthday from one 50 year old to another! Jen