Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New Quilt on the Horizon

Here is a snap of a new quilt I'm working on, from a sketch I did years and years ago. I was having a hard time getting going on something new. So I spent some time laying about, paging through my sketchbooks. I marked a whole bunch of pages as possibles to work on next. This one had enough color in it to pull me right in. It is called "Colorbox" and I'm pretty happy with how it looks compared to how I originally sketched it out. It was one of those sketches that I actually jotted down construction notes and everything, making the *Making Process* mucho mas easier! Plus I got to go through all my dyed fabric boxes and fondle everything once again. Sigh, I loves my dyebabies. Yes, I dyed or painted all of the fabric (except the black).
The part on the left has the 1/4" fusible bias tape from Clover. The right side is raw edges out. I'm shooting for this turning out 51" square so I can send it in to the Husqvarna Viking Masterpieces show. I've sure got a long way to go til then, and only a bit more than a week to do get there.... Can she do it???? Stay tuned and wish me luck. Posted by Hello


Deb R said...

So are these two parts actually going to be joined or is this a dyptich (diptich? I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning) or what? Good luck on making your deadline!!

Jaye said...

Love the new piece. The black definitely sets off the color. I also want to know how they will go together. I guess I need wait and see what grows. ;-) I have two quilts (a nascent series?) called Colorblocks on my site. I plan on one more in the same pattern as using some silks I bought a few years ago at the Marin Needlearts Guild show. We'll see. Nice work! Keep it up. You inspire me to keep going.

Debra said...

Finished, quilted, photographed and the photos back in a week???

YOu DO put the pressure on yourself, don't you?

I just decided that my piece will not be done for this year. So it will be done early for next year.