Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Learning to Love You More

I was reading Keri Smith's Wish Jar blog today, and I saw on the sidebar, "How to Be A Guerilla Artist", and I of course had to read about that. Guerilla artists are anonymous, leave art in public places, maybe are controversial in their subject matter, and have a love of surprising people.
So, through the links there I encountered this really interesting site: Learning to Love You More , an interactive art/social experiment project, where you can take on an assignment, make a report, and then maybe participate in a group display. Some of these involve making short movies, sound recordings, photos, or doing something. Very cool!
I love what these ideas have sparked for me, especially as Keri Smith says "making art without attachment to the outcome. To do something that has nothing to do with making money, or listening to the ego."

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Karoda said...

good morning julie...elle and i are thinking about doing a shared blog that embraces this concept you mentioned of leaving fiber art (for me postcards or journal size quilts) around and requesting people to register the "found" pieces at the blog...similiar to bookcrossing. U game????