Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thread up!

Put my Thread holder up finally. It took a year of having it fall over on my worktable to finally search up two suitable nails and the hammer. Oh and Something to measure with, hah! No problemo, got lots of rulers... So this of course entailed having to sort out all of my threads that were in my drawers. So far I had all my sulky rayons in a nice box which works, but now all these weird sized mini cones of thread (That came with the new machine) didn't fit and were making the drawer stick. Not good when you're desperate for the right blue! So this has all the big cones of rayons and some glittery or multicolored big spools. I hope they don't mind being near the window, usually the curtain is blocking the sunlight. It sure is nice to have more real estate available on top of my worktable. And the threads are pretty to look at too.

Isn't that lampshade nice? I got it at Wal-Mart of all places. I've only been in a WM three times. I really am out of the mainstream of American experience. Never ever been in an Ikea, although I have seen two different ones by the freeways in the Bay Area.

Oh and above the thread and lamp is one of my older pieces, an 8" abstract challenge on the subject of TECHNOLOGY, which I mounted on an acrylic painted canvas.

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Laume said...

The thread holder full of colorful threads looks gorgeous, although all I can think of is the glint in my cats' eyes if they saw it. They'd see it as a feline arcade game designed for their pleasure.

And hey, I've got that lampshade too, only in the smaller version.