Thursday, May 05, 2005


Here it is, entitled: Hot,Hot,Hot! Finished just in time for the Way to Women's Wellness Art Bra challenge.

And a detail shot of some of the beading. I did a huge amount of beading and embellishing on this, watching several movies, SFGiants games and SpongeBob episodes. It was fun to work with hot colors and sparkly stuff. I used some of my cheesecloth I dyed, fun to work with! And Tintzl underneath it, lots of stitching, long eyelash yarn, charms, glass beads, fake pearls.

Here's the little blurb I had to write for the entry:
Made for all women going through menopause!
She was hot, much too hot, all of a sudden, it came on like a flash. Like a hot flash. “Oh no! Menopause has struck, I’m not ready.” Well it was true, and she turned into a woman who would wear as a little as possible around the house. True, her husband did enjoy that, but she began to run out of things to wear. She began to talk to herself, “A bra, a bra that is special, that is just what I need. Something that is pretty and sparkly, and hot looking, why not? Doubt I’d ever find it in the store, guess I’ll have to make my own.” And it was perfect, she was cool, but hot at the same time.

The only question is, what the hell am I going to do with it if it comes straight back to me? I hate hearing that sound, ***eeeernghk***reject***!
It isn't like it would be appropriate to enter in any other show...

Anyone need an overembellished36C bra?? You could wear it for Halloween as the top part of a bellydance costume! Or add a skirt to the bottom of it for an elegant evening gown. Even if I peeled the fat layers off from around my rib cage, I'd never ever be a 36. I think I skipped from 28 to 38 in like a month in Junior high. I have a Big, wide, weight-lifting , weight of the world, he ain't heavy he's my brother kind of back.


Karoda said...

Julie, I'm more likely to see a 36 before I see a C cup...unless there is surgery involved...I'm a little, well a lot, further along in the alphabet.

PaMdora said...

Wowie! That is one awesome brassiere. Great job and great colors! I've been drawing bras all weekend for my new quilt design Robbery at the Lingerie Boutique, but now I see need to get a little more embellishment going!

"Maggie" said...

What a wonderful and colorful bra! Yes, I would definitely need something smaller too. It would have to be pretty teeny weeny for me to fit into it. Maybe just the pearls would suffice. 'Oi!

lyssa said...

Awesome! I might be able to squeeze into that without my cups running over. I found your blog randomly, but I am also a Boulder Creeker.