Tuesday, May 03, 2005

8th Deadly Sin - Inattention

Here is my completed 8th Deadly Sin quilt done for the QuiltArt challenge.
It is titled: "Pay Attention America!"
Here are the words that go with it:
My challenge in making this quilt was to narrow down what I wanted to express. I had all kinds of upsetting imagery and words swirling around in my brain, so I did a visual journal over the last few months from the newspaper and newsmagazines. (More gluebooking!). I also did some writing, and what I boiled it all down to was "Inattention". Sins allowed to happen by a people (America) who, though basically good are NOT Paying Attention!

Detail of some of the words

Detail of the self-created US peaceful isolation from ignorance of reality due to Inattention. I almost made a child putting fingers in ears saying "I can't hear you, nahhh,nyahhh."

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Jaye said...

The title of this post grabbed me. I love the thought of the 8th deadly sin being inattention. Not that I think inattention should be around, but since it is around, we must acknowledge and fight it.