Monday, April 04, 2005

Stamping Fun

At the last CQFA meeting we had a demo/class by a Stampin'Up demonstrator KarinLee. She did a great job introducing all kinds of things to us. And we got to use all the highly organized stamp pads, stamps and products. Fun! Always a good idea to try new ideas and products and imagery, right?
Here are the samples I came home with.
First is a piece of denim chambray that I stamped with moon and star and leaf images coated in thick Clorox. Once those discharged I then stamped with fabric ink.

I call it Eye on the Garden.

Next is a technique of using pearl-ex pigments in fabric paint, that's the whitish part, then when the paint is dry, you do stamping over with a dark ink. The pearly stuff looked better on darker fabrics, but I didn't bring any to the class.

Next was painting on t-shirts that we sectioned off with tape first, after painting a base with several colors dabbed on with sponges or brushes, paint was used to stamp over that when it was dry.

Those are ants on the bottom. I like bug stamps I guess.

Last but not least, my favorite, embossing on velvet. Oooh so purty. And purple to boot. Amazing how that vulcanized rubber can take the heat of the iron so easily. And you have to use real velvet to do it, none of that cheapy stuff. I almost bought the swirl stamps, but then I remembered I have a bunch already.
I did buy this cool gizmo that looks like an oversize stamp pad, it has on one side a cleaner thing and the other a wiper thing for cleaning off stamps, boy did it ever work well, and I suck at cleaning my stamps well (big nono in stampdom).

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