Friday, April 08, 2005

Political Photo Analysis

I have been following this political photo analysis blog lately thanks to a link from Juan Cole's blog, It is here at:BagNewsNotes
The man who writes it, Michael Shaw, is a writer, psychologist, cartoonist. The insights that he comes up with in analyzing the photos that are published in the press are really cogent and insightful. I enjoy it a lot, and bet some of you would also.
I've been keeping a gluebook of politics/war since the (s)election last year, mostly comprised of photos and words from Newsweek and the San Jose Mercury News. It is depressing and uplifting at the same time to go back and see what I've been pulling out of the news. I actually started it, and then I read something in an artist journal website about gluebooks, and said "hey, that's what I'm doing, a gluebook." Anyways, the biggest thing I've noticed recently is that there is a HUGE decrease in coverage of the Iraq war. It is as if the war is actually over...hmmm...very suspicious.

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