Friday, April 22, 2005

Bloomin' Everywhere

I just took a walk around the property snapping some pics of all the flowers blooming. All that rain has meant a lot of happy plants. Unfortunately the weeds are happy too, lots of mowing and weed-whacking to do this weekend. Anyways, here are two of my favorite pics:

The wisteria is blooming! After getting hacked back last year to build the chicken palace. This has been growing for only 3 years. I got a transplant from my mom, and I didn't think it would bloom so quickly, so yay! It makes a nice shady area for the chickens, and also hides the chicken palace from view.

One of the natives that grow around here, I just love the name: "Sticky Monkeyflower" and it is indeed sticky. And...the deer don't eat it!!!Probably because it IS sticky. Posted by Hello

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